A cat that eats old cat food in its home, decides to flee towards the forest and to cross several adversities in the way in search of hunting a very big fish, inspired by a painting of a wild cat.

In 2018 I did this story as my Grad Project at the Animation & Digital Art Bachelor's Degree. It was a honor for me to meet all the amazing people which made all four years a great experience growing and improving exponentially as an animator and a person. 
Music Edit, Sound Design, ADR:
Larswhy & Tibu Dean
Nydd Case Study
KEY WORDS: motivation, resilience, perseverance, achievement, dream, objective. 
 * All objects and scenarios are real 
* Only characters are in 2D, animated with Motion Graphics in After Effects 
* Use character development faces in animaticNydd script 
1. PROTAGONIST: Cat 4 years. Siamese. 
2. 2nd PROTAGONIST: Wildcat. (FINAL) - PAINT 
HOME:⦁ House with window⦁ Home street 
STREET:⦁ Street night⦁ Early morning street⦁ Street 1⦁ Street 2⦁ Bridge⦁ Forest entrance 
FOREST:⦁ Forest⦁ Tree (shelter)⦁ Lake

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