E c o t h e n t i c
Ecothentic is a fictitious, online-shopping platform, that offers 
all kind of different bright, useful products that are made with recycled material
to help reduce the amount of waste that is thrown away everyday and 
to make awareness of it.

This video explains what Ecothentic is about in fun way.
Check it out!
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Music Edit, Sound Design, ADR & Re-recording Mixer:
Royal Blue Audio

Read by:
Julia C. Hackstaff

Special Thanks to Nida Fatima, Francisco Quiles, Jesse Davidge.
And all my awesome unstoppable group DD44's.

Ecothentic's Case Study:

This company is planned to be real someday. And it's gonna be awesome! 
This 2019 I had the opportunity of being part of the VFS Digital Design program. It was a honor for me to meet all the amazing people which made my year the best experience growing and improving exponentially as a motion designer and a person. For my Grad project I had to do something that is sell-able, makes a change and is aesthetically good. So came Ecothentic to life. 

Ecothentic represents for me a enormous motivation, then the amount of trash that we throw away everyday is going to be so huge that a study shows that by 2050  the oceans could have more plastic than fish.

We running against time, is time to do something about it.  


Idea of a company, which sells products made with recycled materials to help save the world and employs homeless people to give them a chance to be part of society. 
Our Services
Our clients are young people (18 - 22 years) who wants to buy small, useful, cheap products and that are aware of the current social and environmental conditions.
The world is ours! 
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